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I took a shower an hour before, with the soap the clinic provided. Last shower before we needed to leave for the hospital. Morning hadn’t yet broken. It was the middle of fall in the Pacific Northwest and as expected, still super dark at 5 am. I was anxious and nervous but trying to act and appear as calm as possible. Everything was just going to be alright, I thought, while “these other contradictory thoughts” tried to compete and take over. I had to leave soon so I took the backpack I prepared overnight, said temporary goodbye to the dogs of the house. My hubby would drive me to the hospital to have this Diep Flap surgery done (cancer diagnosis was why I would have this surgery but I won’t go into details for now)

The hospital was only less than 30 minutes drive but the traffic was just starting to pile up as we left the house. I was not necessarily a religious person but had been praying for my doctors and everyone involved in my care to really be the “Hands of God” in this surgery-heck, for any surgery for that matter. I had no control over what happened to me while I was going under. I simply had to put my trust in them to do their job(s) right and it was scary. Let go and let God, I kept saying, trying to convince myself that all was well and everything was going to be just fine.

As we were driving and halfway to the hospital, I heard someone singing from the radio. All I heard was “No need to ask. He’s a smooth operator. Smooth operator, smooth operator. Smooth operator.” My hubby mentioned something like, “Did you hear the song? Smooth operator.” I got carried away with my thoughts before catching on almost spontaneously.

well you did


“That was a really good sign” I said, fully aware it was God’s way of answering what I asked for. I felt a sense of peace. I would be in good hands. My surgeon was a smooth operator and the operation would go smoothly.

As you can imagine (based on me sitting here and writing about this experience), surgery went well without any signs of complications. I came out of it pretty good–thank you God for manifesting Yourself in the form of a great surgical team. May they keep doing good works with all they have and save them from fatigue, lack of compassion and indifference.

PS: Thank you so much Dr. Sam Lien, Dr. James Edwards, CRNA, OR Nurse(s), Hospital Nurses (I read their name tags: Holly, Leah, Melissa, and a very helpful CNA, Jay)

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