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First: Happy New Year–3 “useless” words to describe a “new” time, and time is neither new nor old. Time is always that: time–we divide and separate time for our practical purposes though time itself never changes.

Anyway. I decided to unclutter my home in the past week. Getting rid of things that didn’t serve their purposes anymore. Clothes I liked but didn’t wear, things I kept but didn’t see: old letters, christmas cards, thank you cards, knicks knacks. You know, stuff…Why did I keep them if they no longer had any use? I am not sure why I became so attached to them all these years. I collected and collected and collected and then wasn’t aware that I had been collecting all these trashes? Mind you, on a “physical” level, I wasn’t considered (by others opinion) to be one who liked to compulsively buy and collect stuff though opinion is always that: opinion and always relative.


I saw what these junks left me with: empty spaces! Spaces I didn’t see before because all these things hid them from my sight. It was almost a relief when I saw them gone. Somehow it also felt like a pretty heavy load of burden being lifted up from me. If these physical trashes were my useless mental thoughts, imagine that! Lots of freedom at last! More room for myself! Now…off to unclutter my mental thoughts…and these are going to need lots of practice and discipline (so help me God–and I simply know She already has helped me)

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